Training & Technical Assistance

KRC provides grants-oriented solutions, A to Z. Our primary services include funding research, preparation of grant applications, editing and review, grants management support such as performance reporting and sub-recipient monitoring, staff and board member training, and customized technical assistance responsive to your unique needs. Everything we do is performed with one goal in mind – to assist your organization in successfully securing grant funds and managing them well.. Click here


KRC routinely hosts grant workshops and facilitates client trainings to educate participants on various aspects of the grants cycle from writing to evaluation. A sample of the workshops we’ve facilitated are listed below. Customized requests can be made to meet the unique needs of your organization or membership.

  • Introduction to Grant Writing
  • Writing for Federal Grants
  • Capacity-Building for Federal Grants
  • Understanding the Federal Peer Review Process
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Non-Profit Boards
  • Budgeting
  • Outcomes and Evaluation 


  • Technical Assistance customized to your organization’s unique and individualized needs, provided online or on-site
  • Capacity Building Assistance to assess adherence with non-profit operating standards, organizational strengths and weaknesses, and areas of enhancement to ensure sustainability of programs and services

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