Grant Writing

KRC provides grants-oriented solutions, A to Z. Our primary services include funding research, preparation of grant applications, editing and review, grants management support such as performance reporting and sub-recipient monitoring, staff and board member training, and customized technical assistance responsive to your unique needs. Everything we do is performed with one goal in mind – to assist your organization in successfully securing grant funds and managing them well.. Click here


  • Grant Writing/Proposal Development – Comprehensive assistance to develop a highly responsive grant application written to funders’ specifications.  Assistance includes data research, development of statements of need, development of program descriptions and methodologies, drafting grant narratives, and preparation of attachment documents (e.g., Letters of Commitment, Memorandum of Understanding/MOU, Support Letters, etc.). Grant writing is KRC’s primary core service and we assist clients in preparing highly competitive applications.
  • Prospective Funding Research – Research to identify potential funding sources that are compatible with the mission, programs and services of your organization. Results are then used to develop a grant seeking strategy and schedule for submission of grant applications.
  • Program Development & Planning – Assistance to develop a logical program design that effectively identifies the target population, describes services and assistance provided, identifies goals, measurable objectives and outcomes, develops timelines and workplans for implementation, summarizes evaluation plans and describes qualified staffing and expertise.
  • Budget Development – Development of program budgets and budget narratives that align with the program description and justify costs.
  • Initial Template Development – Development of a basic grant template consisting of core components commonly requested by funders. This tool provides a starting document upon which future grant applications can be developed with basic editing.
  • Grant Review and Editing – Pre and post-submission of review of client-prepared applications in order to provide objective feedback for proposal enhancement. 

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